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Finn Wolfhard's Sweet & Sour Mocktail

Finn Wolfhard's Sweet & Sour Mocktail

Sweet & Sour Mocktail

2 cups pineapple juice
2 cups orange juice
1 cup sour drink mix
2 cups lemon-lime soda (7UP or Sprite)

Chill all ingredients. Mix ingredients in a pitcher and serve over ice.

Finn Wolfhard was born in Vancouver, Canada, on December 23, 2002. He started acting at a young age and has appeared in many television shows and films, including The 100, Supernatural, and It: Chapter Two. He is best known for portraying Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things. In addition to acting, Wolfhard has a passion for music. He has been part of garage-rock bands, including Calpurnia and The Aubreys. He helped raise funds for Sweet Relief, an organization that aids musicians in need.

Did you Know?

The Origin of Legos

The Origin of Legos

Chances are, you grew up playing with LEGO building sets. But did you know the first LEGO bricks were made of wood? LEGO bricks were invented in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter. Lego construction sets were first imported into the United States in 1962, and they began including assembly instructions with their construction sets in 1964. These step-by-step instructions soon became an integral part of the toys’ packaging. Each LEGO brick is designed to withstand up to 953 pounds of force before breaking. This is probably why they hurt your bare feet so badly to step on!

Printing Quiz

When your printer talks about transparency, what they really mean is:

  • Doing things openly without secrets
  • A thin piece of clear plastic that you write on using an overhead projector
  • How see-through an object is

Transparency creates a sense of depth in design and enables you to layer items. 

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